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Name: Rotary Screener
Simple structure,smooth operation screening,high capacity and convenient maintenance. The screener can screen by section based on the screener hole size. Rotary screener is mostly used in compound fertilizer industry.


Rotary screener is mainly used for complex fertilizer, reliable on screening with huge high quantity of output, easy 
to repair, The rotary screener can stage screener can stage screening raw material according to different screen 
holes, mainly used for complex fertilizer.There are several sieve plates with different holes in one screener, so it 
can assure the most ideal screening efficient.

Main Technology Parameter

Model : GTS80 GTS100
Specification :(m) ø1.0x5 ø1.5x6
Rotate Speed:r/min 17 17.3
Capacity:(t/h) 1-5 6-12
Power:(kw) 2.2 4
Shape dimension:(mm) 6200x1780x2100 7580x2280x3735
Weight:(kg) 2800 6000