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Name: Rotary Granulator
Working Principle:
WLJ series horizontal centrifugal granulator adopts clicking drive rotary feeding principle, with new concept, unique and complex design process, centrifugal force to the powder material which in cylinder tank , the powder material would adhesive to spherical pellets under the action of centrifugal force. 
Characteristics :
1.This type granulator adopts the centrifugal rotational, friction and adhesion, polishing shape, friction heat drying to three machine unity granulation process, completely instead of the previous huge investment, complex craft, repetition of traditional process. 
2.Adopts centrifugal adhesive, rolling form technology, no need mould pelletizing, so the processing cost is low and efficiency is high. 
3. Pellets well-distributed, smooth, rounded, high intensity, good liquidity, pellet formation rate above 95%. 
4. The temperature of the cylinder tank reach 60-120 during the material centrifugal friction, heat drying and adhesion forming process, granulation process is also same drying process, reducing the drying cost. 
5.Equipment with less investment, lower operating cost.
Technical parameter:

Model Power(KW) Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Capacity(T/H)
WLJ600 45 630 4400 1-2
WLJ800 75 820 4500 2-3
WLJ1000 110 1020 4500 3-4
WLJ1200 132 1220 4500 4-5
WLJ1400 160 1420 4500 5-8