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Name: SKJ3 Fertilizer pellet mill


1.Fertilizer pellet mill rollers adopt taper shape, which makes their ends rounding linear speed consistent with flat die, so it avoid dislocated friction which maybe created between rollers and die. In this way, it can reduce friction and save much energy consumption, lengthen die and rollers life. This is significant difference between the similar compression formation machinery.

2.Body of the rollers is large and groove is broad. Bearing pressure and wear resistant.

3.Fertilizer pellet mill advantage one: rollers being enlarged, the bearing enlarged, so it can withstand bigger standing ability.

4.Advantage two: roller being enlarged, the temperature caused by extrusion friction not to be easy to transmit the bearing room to guarantee the bearing work in the low temperature and the lubrication grease not easy to overflow.

5.Advantage three: rollers being enlarged, rollers can be repaired 2-3 times, the lifetime is longer, so that the production cost is reduced, and the project profit space is enlarged.

6.This type compression formation is varied, pellets or granules can be adjust by changed the dies. Adapting to difference material to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Pelleting store is equipment with observation door, it is convenient inspect or maintenance at any time.
Application scope:
Fertilizer pellet mill is the special equipment for making organic fertilizer. It is mainly applied to animal manure, home wastage, sludge, peat and so on pelletizing.

Technical parameters:

model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Specification(mm) Weight(t) Size(mm)
SKJ3-350 0.6-1 37-4 φ4.5-10 2.2 1900×850×1750
SKJ3-450 1-1.5 45/55-4 φ4.5-10 4.3 2300×1100×1900
SKJ3-550 2-3 75/90-6 φ4.5-12 5.5 2350×1000×2050
SKJ3-800 3-5 130-160 φ4.5-12 6.8 3200×1235×2700
SKJ4-1200 5-8 280-320 φ4.5-15 19 3800×1700×4200