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The shape of fertilizer pellets after pressing of flat die pellet mill

With lack of limited energy, human begin to pay attention on biomass energy from waste materials. Such as animal’s manure and kitchen waste.

Our SKJ series flat die pellet mills have multifunction to press biomass pellets, feed pellets, and fertilizer pellets.

SKJ flat die pellet mill with two rollers, their high pressure could press soft wood, animal manure and kitchen waste .Specially, our SKJ flat die pellet mill press fertilizer pellets with high capacity.

Many customer would like to know how the fertilizer pellets shape after pressing by flat die pellet mill. Please notice that if you hope to make ball shape pellets, we also offer disc pelletizer to achieve it. Otherwise, after pressing by flat die pellet mill, the pellets just like cyclinder.

Welcome to inquiry on our fertilizer pellet mill and other relative equipments.