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The necessity of using organic fertilizer

Abroad experience has fully proved that using organic fertilizer can improve soil fertility and  increase fertilizer using efficiency, to ensure the crop yield.

The necessity of organic fertilizer application in China:
Firstly , the overall quality of soil is declining ,in order to reach to fertility ,we have to put organic fertilizer resources utilized. Second, due to the long-term application of a large number of elements in fertilizer, resulting in soil micronutrient deficiencies, especially for good economic conditions area.

A large number of high concentrations of fertilizer, compound fertilizer, potash fertilizer enrichment of soil nutrients is a serious, serious loss of trace elements in. Organic fertilizer rich in trace elements, can well compensate for the shortage of chemical fertilizer. Third, the basic path of science and fertilization organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer combined application of fertilizer utilization and efficiency, without reducing production, reduce the amount of fertilizer.