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Selection method of organic fertilizer
1 purchase organic fertilizer first to see whether the fertilizer is standardized. Regular manufacturers of organic fertilizer packaging will have product registration certificate, product technical indicators, product validity, etc.. 
2 purchase organic fertilizer to look at the composition of raw materials selection. According to the introduction of technical personnel and high-quality organic fertilizer raw materials mainly soybean meal, sesame, cassava residue, bagasse, amino acids, bacterial protein, humic acid, smoke, etc. at the end, if raw material in bone powder, shell powder calcareous components will be better. 
3 purchase of organic fertilizer product depends on the water content is appropriate. The water content is too high or too low will affect the survival of bacteria. When buying, can grab a handful of fertilizer to the sun is wet or dry, gray shape are the products in question. 
4 purchase of organic fertilizer to see whether the correct ratio of microbial science. The enzyme system of high-quality organic fertilizer using strain comprehensive, high activity, strong tolerance. Good organic fertilizer products and high maturity. Maturity effects, the application can greatly shorten the maturity period, lasting fertilizer, crops are not easy to burn seedlings. 
5 organic fertilizer granulation equipment should be reminded the purchase of organic fertilizer by test the effect of a good product. Usually the experimental method is to take a certain amount of fertilizer, add a little water, organic fertilizer to adjust into ball shape, the fertilizer group chilled in the refrigerator for second days and then come up with melted, repeated freezing melt three times. So the bacteria fertilizer in most freeze to death, then compares the effect of fertilization in the field Frozen fertilizer with the same amount of primary products, to observe the differences in efficiency, obvious difference is to buy good fertilizer, difference is not obvious, indicating that had less fertilizer low original strain product content, not suitable for purchase. complex technology old traditional granulation. Pellet granulator with the pore diameter of the template control of particle size, particle size change template, particle uniformity, smooth.