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Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine Operation Problems
Now some issues are talked during organic fertilizer pellet machine operation. If the machine configuration is not correct, it is prone to bearing fracture problem, of course, generally face this problem, the machine is used for long time. 
No matter organic fertilizer pellet machine or other organic fertilizer equipments, normally they would be worked overload, because the domestic overtime is quite serious, if our equipment can use it? How to protect the safety of equipment in long-term working as well? Organic fertilizer pellet machine is installed during the initial run, the issues such as screws is not tight, so from time to time to do an inspection, in order to avoid the machine to work under heavy wear situation.
The equipment has been used for a long time, you need to check the parts which easy deformation aging, as long as the machine itself is not the problem, in general, it is not a problem for long-term use. Any type of organic fertilizer equipment, we as manufacturer do not recommend to use overload, after all, would be the loss of the machine using life.