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New equipment of breeding industry : organic fertilizer processing equipment
Livestock and poultry manure, from the point of view of the farm is a waste even is a burden, and the possibility of secondary development of livestock and poultry manure, make full use of this material became people’s focus. Organic fertilizer processing equipment just can solve this difficulty, for the development of organic fertilizer industry, pushing out all advocate policies that encourage livestock and poultry manure scale. the opportunity of the development of industrialization has tended to be mature.
Livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer, must through the fermentation of organic fertilizer processing equipment, mixed hay and decay of silage composted. using turning machine to fully fermented in ferment process, only timely, uniform turning to do this. During weather problem, some places is very dry, in some places is very wet, which will influence the fermentation quality.
Organic fertilizer processing equipment will make fertilizer after crushing and granulation according to a certain proportion of the material, the output of the fertilizer will have certain differences, then through sieving equipment for screening,  material feeding back processing after the screening, avoid the waste of resources. But also to ensure the equipment production capacity of continuous operation, finally, the pellets or granules will pack into bags after sieving, drying and cooling, then can put into market.