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How to choose a good organic fertilizer pellet machine

        Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co., Ltd has run for more than 15 years in manufacturing organic fertilizer pellet machine. Most of our products have CE and ISO9001 approved.
  Now we introduce how to choose a good organic fertilizer pellet machine according to our 15 years professional experience.
  Firstly, inspect the price of the organic fertilizer pellet machine. After confirming the type of organic fertilizer machine, then find the corresponding manufactures. Consult their price respectively, and then determine the inclination factories.
  Secondly, inspect the material quality of the organic fertilizer. You must make an on-the-spot investigation at the manufacture factory. At the same time, have a look of the production scale. We suggest that you’d better not buy from small factories, because there is no guarantee for the after-sale service. The investigation includes the machines raw material, the thickness of the steel plate, whether there is abnormal when working. What’s more, the reductor and motor is also very important factors.
  Thirdly, bring raw materials to have a commissioning run test on-the-spot. This is the last step, also the most important factor. It’s worth noting that you must take the raw material from your place, not provided by manufactures.
  We believe go through the three steps, you will buy an well-content organic fertilizer pellet machine.