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Fertilizer upender fermentation
Organic fertilizer upender is one kind of commonly used organic fertilizer processing equipment. Organic fertilizer engineer will design the fermentation tank according to the customer's site conditions, then put the material into the fermentation tank, through the upender ferment the aerobic microbial. The fermentation has the advantages of simple operation, convenient, good effect, short fermentation time, low investment costs, it is the best way to ferment the organic materials.
The composting fermentation is the most primitive material fermentation method. If use this kind of method, the material will pile on the ground, then mix and ferment by the upender on the ground. Although no unrestricted to the site, but need long time, the effect is not that good compare the groove upender.
Also tower type fermentation method, general it is rarely used. The process is putting the materials into a fermentation tank, the material is lifted to the top tower part by upender. Operation is slight inconvenience, very complex, not easy to learn, so do not recommend to use.