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Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment
The complete set of chicken manure organic fertilizer equipments includes the crusher, mixer, pellet machine, screener and belt conveyor. The pellet machine is indispensable equipment. The organic fertilizer raw material is more widely, like peat, sludge, chicken manure, livestock manure, lignite and straw fermentation etc. This kind of pellet machine could also use the corn flour, bean flour and grass meal etc. to produce the mixed feed pellets.
The beginning chicken manure fermentation equipment, we need to build a 3m width, 50m length (more than 200 tons of raw materials can be fermented) fermentation tank. It could also be one machine with many tanks. Then heap the raw material (manure, biogas, straw) in the fermentation tank, 1kg decomposition maturing agent mixed 20kgs water, blending in stockpile. 1kg decomposition maturing agent can ferment 1t raw material. The temperature at 0C & deg, fermentation period is about 10-15 days, turning throw every 2days, Then it can fully rotten. After the composting, crush the semi-wet material by the crusher, then screen by the rotary screener. Screen out the coarse material for fermentation, the fine material can be granulated. The pellets look more beautiful, higher forming rate.
The complete set of chicken manure equipment: After fermentation, the material (moisture 35%) will be mixed in mixer, through the tooth granulator, and then through the dryer, cool by cooling machine cooling, screen by screener, the unqualified products return to the mixer, qualified products after coating machine, the machine can pack talcum powder, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements in the coating, it may be silos, packaging machines.