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Chicken manure dryer
Through our chicken manure dryer equipment improvements and research and design, implement large-scale equipment, intelligent and efficient and environmentally friendly production, greater improvement in all aspects. Zhang Qiu Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to enrich our country will eventually reach the production companies to meet the various needs of high-end new equipment. Adapt to economic and social development needs, to broaden the field, raising the level, improve the environment, and promote the development of chicken manure drying machine industry to a new level. Vigorously develop into productive industry, highlighting the development of modern drying machine industry, foster a number of national, regional and regional node cities, accelerate the construction of the country's major modern center; accelerate the development of the financial industry, strengthen local corporate financial institutions, Construction of multi-level capital market system, promote enterprises listing and financing, the development of venture capital funds; actively develop information services, technology services, outsourcing and exhibition.