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About the investment of fertilizer making line
Organic fertilizer including chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure and other animal manure and corn stalk, wheat straw, weed plant straw is one kind of old fertilizer with long fertilizer efficiency, environmental protection, and without pollution. Compared with chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer with nourishing soil, high efficiency, no pollution such advantages, it is one kind of good fertilizer to the development of green agriculture and organic food .
One complete fertilizer making line include: upender, rotary dryer, fertilizer making machine. Fertilizer making machine is the most important machine in the complete fertilizer making line, so choose a suitable fertilizer making machine is very important. Suitable machine will improve the working efficiency, reduce machine maintenance cost, increase the profit space. Before make decision, recommend visit factory to compare machine, then choose a suitable machine.
Investment of fertilizer making line
If no need fertilizer dryer, then only need fertilizer making machine, cost will be not higher. We will recommend suitable machine according to your capacity requirement. Also have two kind of machine to make fertilizer, one fertilizer making machine can make column fertilizer pellet, one kind of fertilizer making machine can make round fertilizer directly.
If fertilizer making line with ferment, crushing, drying, fertilizer making, cooling and packing such process, then the investment will be little higher.