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Name: Single shaft mixer


SHJ single shaft mixer is a horizontal and a batch type mixer .It has the special rotor stricture and high degree of homogeneity.The gap between rotor and machine
case can be adjusted .There is the wide -door or full-opened door at the bottom ,no residual.Both the ends of machines are designed double -deck,avoid to leakage materials ;The discharge outlet is controlled by pneumatic (also dynamic electric or manual),making the action more accuracy and sealing function much better.The
oil pipe is installed inside the machine .The whole structure is reasonable ,nice appearance .It is convenient for operation and maintenance.

1.The degree of homogeneity is high CV<5-7%
2.Mixing time :3-6minutes 
3.Discharge structure :manual ,electric or pneumatic .   4.It is applicable to industries such as energy environment protection ,chemical ,feed food and medicine plants ,and organic fertilizer industry etc .

Main Technology Parameter

Model  M³/Batch  Power (KW) CV<% Time(m) Weight (t) Dimension (mm)
SHJ100 0.20 3


0.35 1400*590*750
SHJ250 0.50 5.5 0.75 1860*805*900
SHJ500 1 7.5 1.2 2100*1050*1200
SHJ1000 2 18.5 2.1 2500*1630*1800
SHJ2000 4 22 3.5 2800*1800*2600
SHJ3000 6 30 4.2 3200*1900*2100
SHJ5000 10 37 6.3 4600*2100*2300