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Name: Ferment upender
This line combined with fermentation, grinding, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, packing and so on processes. The flow charts continuous and reasonable, each single machine works well and high efficiency.


Feeding materials and outlet materials way are both very flexible from the front of fermentation tank ,The leavening such as manure can stay inside for long time,and compost can be used as moisture adjusting materials.
Due to high temperature ferment (chicken manure around 80℃ centigrade,pig manure around 75℃,cattle manure around 70℃) and long time remaining,it can produce high quality compost fertilizer without the second ferment. It is greatly helpful for renewing the earth.
The operation is automatic and labour saving. 
The upender displayer which can show mistakes will estimate the reasons easily when anything wrong happens.
The upender adopts unattended way and open ferment,making cost low.

Model CBM/Day Span(m) Materials Thickness(m) Power(kw) Ferment pool:   
FDJ-8×1.8 120 10 1.5-1.7 30+1.11×2 80×1.0×1.8
FDJ-10×1.8 240 10 1.5-1.7 37+1.11×2 80×1.0×1.8