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Name: Organic fertilizer manufacturing line


Organic fertilizer production line is whole complete set equipment from organic fertilizer raw materials collection to the organic fertilizer packing,such as raw organic fertilizer raw materials accumulation,organic fertilizer raw materials dehydration,organic fertilizer accumulation,organic fertilizer corrosion,organic fertilizer fermentation,organic fertilizer raw materials drying,organic fertilizer granulation and so on.

Zhangqiu YuLong Machinery is specialized in manufacturing organic fertilizer making equipments,produced the organic fertilizer fermentation upender which adopts the advanced technology from Japan.working unattended operation,Upend and mixing fully,make the raw materials better to corrosion and resolution.

The organic fertilizer pelletizer adopts high efficiency centrifugal structure,raw materials of organic fertilizer is dry during go in and out the machine,the finished moisture is less than 13%,it don't need to drying or cooling again,It is the most ideal organic fertilizer equipments