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Name: Multifunctional hammer mill
The hammer axle is adjustable, and the hammer has a long service, they are made by special CNC system. Gap between the gratings are adjustable to change materials' size of the discharge, so as to meet different requirements of the customers.


"Yulong"brand 40,50, 65 series hammer mill is our finalized products. It is the most ideal grinding equipment for all kinds of stalk, weed, PVC foaming board, rubber, plastic and etc. It is also named straw hammer mill, sawdust hammer mill, corn straw hammer mill, cotton stalk hammer mill, PVC hammer mill. This series hammer mill features:reasonable structure, firm durable, safe reliable, easy operation, little vibration, and high efficiency. It is widely used in the professions feedstuffs factory, cultivation factory, organic fertilizer factory, Chinese medicine, chemical industry and so on.

The hammer mill is used to crush mid-hardness and weak corrosive materials, such as the life & city waste, animal manure, wood chips, rice husk & shell, agri-stalk piece and other organic fertilizer and biomass materials. Whose compressive strength is under 100 Mpa, and water ratio is less than 15%.
Hammer mill possesses qualities of simple structure, large reduction ratio, and high-efficiency. .

There is little rock powder in the products. Since the materials are suspended, the power consumption for crushing is low. The new kind of hammer can provide great impact.

Raw materials Name

sieve meshφ(mm)
40 model 50 model 65×27 model   65×55 model   65×75 model
Power(KW) 7.5 15 22 37 55

Hammer quantity(pieces)
12 16 36 90 108

Straw series 
φ6 0.2T-0.5T 0.3T-0.6T 0.5T-1T 0.8T-1.5T 1T-2T

mineral substance
φ3 0.8T 1.2T 2T 3T-6T 7T-15T