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Name: Solid-liquid Separator
Screw Pressed Solid-liquid Separator is solid-liquid separation dewatering equipment with high efficiency and low energy consumption. The equipment is widely applied to aquatic breeding farm, animal manure dealing plant (pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, duck manure and so on), raw materials dewatering of organic fertilizer manufacturing factory, separation between biogas residue and biogas liquid, paper pulp dewatering, and the dewatering separation for distillers' grains, sweet potato residue, cassava residue, fruit residue, dregs of a decoction, alcohol residue, acid-sludge or soy sauce residue. Meanwhile, the separator is also for slaughterhouse sewage solid-liquid separation, artificial board factory sewage solid-liquid separation and other high concentration sewage dealing.
The development of the modern livestock industry, the rise of the intensive livestock industry, enrich people's material needs, but also brought the spread of livestock sewage, and lead to the pollution of water, air and environment, so reasonable environmental protection is absolutely necessary.
The Screw extruding solid-liquid separator has the following properties: small size, low speed, easy manipulation, convenience repair the installation, cost saving, high efficiency, Quick return on investment, without adding any coagulant. It can separate iquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer from poultry or animal manure. Liquid organic fertilizer can be used for crops driectly and it is of use as plant nutrients; Solid organic fertilizer can be transported to area where there is no much fertilizer, so soil structure will be improved. It also can be made organic complex fertilizer through the fermentation.
In the field of industrial applications, it can realize the following goal: low-cost operation; high efficiency of dehydration and drying. It can separate liquid and solid for distillers' grains, dregs of a decoction, hotel swill, paper pulp, biogas liquid slag ect. The Screw extruding solid-liquid separator is constantly used in more industries and it run well. 

Technical Parameter 

  Main machine  Liquid cutting pump 
Power(kw) 5.5 3/4
Speed of rotation(r/min) 47 1450
Voltage(v) 380 380

Raw material  Power (m3/h)
Cow dung  10-15
Pig manure  15-25
Chicken manure  5-7
Marsh liquid  15-20
High concentration organic wastewater 30-40
Hogwash  5-10
Paper pulp  10-15
Dregs of a decoction, lees, 
potato residue, residue of vinegar
Other Residue 7-15